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Emergency Paediatric
First Aid at Work

One day HSE Compliant Course

This course is fantastic for child care settings – especially those applying for Millie’s Mark. Childcare settings that need to comply with the Early Year Foundation Stage Statutory Framework should assess their needs and should consider training their team on the 2 day full Paediatric First Aid Course.

This course is written to be especially suitable for those working in childcare settings, and is therefore also ideal for nannies, au pairs, nursery staff, parents and carers. This course meets the criteria for Millie’s Mark

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We'll Come to You

If you have a group of people to train, this course is available at your preferred location for up to 12 delegates. Additionally, when you train at your own venue, you’ll also benefit from:

  • Great value for money! Usually, if you have more than 4 people to train an ‘in-house’ course works out better value.

  • No additional traveling or travel costs for your team.

  • Times and dates can be tailored to suit you.


To find out more or book your group training today, call our team now on 0116 291 9474

From £50 per person

Groups - £500 for up to 12 people

No hidden costs such as certification or mileage

Prices inclusive of VAT

"Meet the team of Bulwark Training First Aid experts! This cartoon illustration features a row of smiling experts, each with the Bulwark Training logo on their chest. With our team of skilled professionals, you can trust us to provide top-notch first aid training. Contact us today to schedule your training session and ensure your team is prepared for any emergency situation. Keywords: Bulwark Training, First Aid, experts, team, training, emergency."
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