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Looking for expert First Aid training in Leicester? Look no further than our team of experienced instructors! Our About Us page showcases our commitment to providing top-quality First Aid training to individuals and businesses across the region. Our banner features an instructor demonstrating CPR on a manikin to a group, highlighting our hands-on, practical approach to teaching life-saving skills. Join us today and learn how to respond confidently in emergency situations!

About Us


Bulwark Training Ltd are leading the way in the innovation of professional training & development, we are experts in tailoring and delivering bespoke training to suit your needs. We pride ourselves on our outstanding First Aid training as well as our modern and innovative online learning content.


Bulwark Training specialises in training & development with a focus on nationally recognised First Aid qualifications as well as providing expert consultancy on professional development.

Bulwark Training Ltd and it's trainers are accredited by the nationally recognised industry specific accreditor 'The First Aid Industry Body' (FAIB)

Bulwark training has supported charities, local authorities, child minders, GP Surgeries and many more in their First Aid training needs. Contact us now to see what we can do for you!

Bulwark Training Ltd was created when the CEO & founder Matthew Taylor recognised a need for quality training, especially in the field of first aid. With the help of other trainers whom are experts in their fields, Bulwark Training has grown to offer outstanding training both in person & online across the midlands.

We are passionate about creating local heroes who can have the confidence and the know how to help in an emergency.

Here at Bulwark Training, we not only live by our motto of “Training & Development, Done Right!” but we also live and breathe our core values. Read more about our core values and mission statement here:

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