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Description: This banner image shows a female medic in a white uniform demonstrating how to check the airways of a manikin during CPR training. The medic is lifting the chin of the manikin with her fingers while looking towards the camera, and the manikin is lying on a surface. The background is neutral with a few medical instruments visible. This image represents Bulwark Training's high-quality and comprehensive First Aid training courses that cover vital life-saving techniques like CPR.

Annual First    Aid Skills Update

Three Hour HSE Compliant Course

When people complete our courses they gain a lot of confidence in dealing with emergencies. As time goes on, some of that confidence in their skills naturally fades. This is why the HSE 'strongly recommend' that everyone completes a skills refresher course at 12 & 24 months.

In this short course we have loads of confidence gaining practice, so that the first aider leaves confident as ever.

Ideal for meeting the strong recommendations of the HSE for anyone that has attended HSE compliant courses.

However, this course is also perfect for anyone who has completed any first aid training, and still has a valid certificate.

An illustration of a cartoon Bulwark Training First Aid expert with a friendly smile and outstretched hand, standing against a white background. The Bulwark Training logo is visible on the expert's chest, and text overlay at the bottom reads "Send us a message." Contact our expert team at Bulwark Training for top-notch First Aid training by sending us a message! Our knowledgeable and friendly experts are ready to answer any questions you may have about our courses. Trust us for comprehensive and reliable training.

We'll Come to You

If you have a group of people to train, this course is available at your preferred location for up to 12 delegates. Additionally, when you train at your own venue, you’ll also benefit from:

  • Great value for money! Usually, if you have more than 4 people to train an ‘in-house’ course works out better value.

  • No additional traveling or travel costs for your team.

  • Times and dates can be tailored to suit you.


To find out more or book your group training today, call our team now on 0116 291 9474

From £30 per person

Groups - £300 for up to 12 people

No hidden costs such as certification or mileage

Prices inclusive of VAT

"Meet our team of expert Bulwark Training First Aid professionals, dedicated to keeping you and your workplace safe. In this illustration, our team stands proudly in a row, all smiling and wearing logos on their chests. With years of experience and industry-leading expertise, our team is ready to provide top-notch training and support for your organization. Trust the Bulwark Training team to deliver exceptional First Aid training and guidance for your workplace. Keywords: Bulwark Training, First Aid, experts, team, workplace safety."
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