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"Image of a friendly female pharmacist standing in a pharmacy and holding a clipboard with a smile. This image is related to the First Aid for Pharmacists (1 Day) course offered by Bulwark Training Ltd, which teaches essential first aid skills relevant to pharmacy settings. Learn more and enroll now."

Emergency First  Aid For Pharmacists

One day HSE Compliant Course

Packed with useful content this course is suitable for all working in a pharmacy setting - and also meets the requirement for pre-registration pharmacists.


It'll well prepare you for an emergency situation both in and out of work - and centres around building an emergency plan, ready to quickly kick in should an emergency arrive!

Pharmacy teams and pre-registration pharmacists completing their training.

A friendly cartoon Bulwark Training First Aid expert is featured in this illustration, smiling and wearing a blue uniform with the Bulwark Training logo on it. The expert is holding a smartphone with a speech bubble next to it that reads "Send us a message." This image is perfect for showing customers how they can get in touch with Bulwark Training's experts for inquiries, questions or support. Don't hesitate to send us a message, we're here to help! Keywords: Bulwark Training, First Aid, expert, cartoon, message, support, inquiry.

We'll Come to You

If you have a group of people to train, this course is available at your preferred location for up to 12 delegates. Additionally, when you train at your own venue, you’ll also benefit from:

  • Great value for money! Usually, if you have more than 4 people to train an ‘in-house’ course works out better value.

  • No additional traveling or travel costs for your team.

  • Times and dates can be tailored to suit you.


To find out more or book your group training today, call our team now on 0116 291 9474

From £50 per person

Groups - £500 for up to 12 people

No hidden costs such as certification or mileage

Prices inclusive of VAT

"Meet our expert team of Bulwark Training First Aid professionals, all with smiling faces and Bulwark Training logos on their chest. Our team is highly trained and experienced in providing top-notch First Aid training to individuals and organizations. Join us today and take the first step towards ensuring the safety and well-being of your team. Keywords: Bulwark Training, First Aid, experts, team, smiling faces, highly trained, experienced, safety, well-being."
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