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Anaphylaxis is scary, and this friendly E-Learning will give delegates the confidence of what to do should an emergency arrive. Fantastic for primary care and childcare settings, and those wanting to know the essentials of what to do in a life-threatening emergency


This course will cover:

Recognising Anaphylaxis
Using Adrenaline Auto-Injectors (AAI’s) including Epipens, Jext and Emerades
Emergency Actions
Child, Baby & Adult Basic Life Support (CPR)
Child, Baby & Adult Choking
How to use a defib (AED)


Looking for an online course to learn about anaphylaxis and how to manage it? Look no further than Action for Anaphylaxis! Our comprehensive online course provides everything you need to know about this serious medical condition and how to respond in an emergency. With interactive modules, practical demonstrations, and expert guidance, you'll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to help someone experiencing anaphylaxis. And with our affordable price of only £30pp, you can receive top-quality training without breaking the bank.


So whether you're a healthcare professional or a concerned parent, sign up for Action for Anaphylaxis today and be prepared to save a life. Based in Leicester, we offer our online courses nationwide.

Action for Anaphylaxis - Online Course - Only £30pp

  • PRICE OF COURSE - £30 per person

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