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Introducing our Safer Surgeries Project, providing affordable first aid training for GP surgeries in Leicester and beyond! Our banner image features a friendly cartoon doctor pointing to bold text that reads "Safer Surgeries" and "Helping GPs to support their communities". The Bulwark Training logo is proudly displayed on the right. With our expert first aid training, GPs and their staff can ensure that their patients receive the highest level of care. Join us in our mission to make safer communities with Bulwark Training.

Safer Surgeries


Bulwark Training Ltd are passionate about people and our communities that we live, work and serve. To this purpose we are always looking at new ways we can make a difference and support our community to a safer future.

We are excited to launch our Safer Surgeries Community Project, designed to offer GP surgeries heavily discounted rates across all of our First Aid Courses. We have already worked with surgeries across the midlands providing our Action for Anaphylaxis course (Basic Life Support + Anaphylaxis) to their clinical and non-clinical staff.

We are currently offering the Action for Anaphylaxis course from as little as £22 per person (currently offered by other training providers at £50pp). On top of this massive discount GP surgeries can also benefit from a further discount of two free places when then book a group of 12! Essentially 12 for the price of 10.

GP surgeries can now train 12 of their staff for as little as £220!

Furthermore, within our experience working with GP Surgeries, we know time is a limited commodity and you want to receive high quality training within a small amount of time. Well we got you, not only can we provide the Action for Anaphylaxis course within a small amount of time we can also cut that down to less than an hour by taking advantage of our 'Blended Training'.

Blended training will teach a portion of the course online using our outstanding E-Learning and a second portion face to face for practical BLS training. This will serve face to face requirements in less than half the time.

Interested? Want to find out more?

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Looking for a quote or just simply more information? Contact us on the below details or feel free to submit a contact form.

Tel - 0116 291 9474

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In this illustration, a friendly and approachable cartoon Bulwark Training First Aid expert is depicted with a warm smile and confident posture. The Bulwark Training logo is prominently displayed next to the expert. The text overlay reads "Send us a message," encouraging potential clients to reach out and connect with Bulwark Training's team of experienced trainers. This image is SEO-focused and includes keywords related to first aid training, Leicester, and customer engagement.
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